Mobile Glass Whiteboard

Mobile Glass Whiteboard
Mobile glass whiteboards are as attractive as they are versatile. Here’s why you should invest in one for your home or workplace.

Mobile glass whiteboards - weighing up the investment

Mobile glass whiteboards are as attractive as they are versatile. But, does the addition of wheels really make them so special? This article is your answer. We’re about to delve into mobile glass whiteboards: what they are, how they stand out from the competition, and what makes them such a good investment.

What is a glass whiteboard?

There are many variations of whiteboard and they all vary in quality. Cheaper white boards easily warp, dent, stain, or scratch, while high-end whiteboards are built for consistent, heavy use - they simply don’t wear out. Glass whiteboards belong to the latter category. And a mobile glass whiteboard adds extra convenience to the quality.
The use of toughened safety glass ensures that mobile glass whiteboards are stain-resistant, easy to maintain and incredibly durable. This is why our glass whiteboards come with a lifetime guarantee.
Glass boards also just look better. Available in a vast range of colours, glass whiteboards complement the surrounding environment and blend seamlessly with other interior design elements. All this results in a consistent brand presentation in the workplace.
Before we get into what makes mobility so handy for any whiteboard, let’s review the top three reasons why making whiteboards out of glass is a great idea:

1. Glass whiteboards don’t ghost

“Ghosting” is the term for the staining of whiteboard marker ink that penetrates the surface of the board. This penetration essentially leaves the “ghosts” of past use even after cleaning. Ghosting is typically caused by improperly cleaning a whiteboard, but even the most well-maintained plastic boards will ghost over time. Glass, on the other hand, is totally non-porous so it doesn’t ghost at all.

2. Glass whiteboards don’t scratch

Whiteboards are often in high-traffic areas and, as such, are prone to scratches and dents. Whether you’re accidentally scratching a ring against the surface while writing or misjudging a furniture delivery, all these tiny accidents add up over time. Unless, of course, your whiteboard is made of tempered glass.
Glass whiteboards come with a lifetime warranty and it’s wholly deserved. Scratch, scuff and dent-resistant, a glass whiteboard will handle just about anything you can throw at it.

3. Glass whiteboards don’t wear out

Whiteboards gets a lot of use, particularly in industrial, educational and office settings. Over time, that use takes a toll. Cheaper boards are particularly prone to wear because of the deterioration of their surface layer. With enough use, this wear can reveal the metal or substrate underneath.
Glass whiteboards, on the other hand, just don’t wear out. They’re made from high-density tempered glass so they have incredible staying power. With proper maintenance, a glass whiteboard will be the last whiteboard you ever buy.

Why choose a mobile glass whiteboard?

Glass boards are the best of the best when it comes to whiteboards. They’re strong, easy to maintain and a pleasure to use. So, what if you could take all those qualities with you on the road?
Mobile glass whiteboards allow you to do just that. This versatility has a slew of upsides, including:

Facilitating hot-desking

More people are working non-standard hours than ever before. With the popularity of workplace flexibility has come the rise of hot-desking – an office seating arrangement wherein workers have no fixed desk and instead share the space based on who needs it and when.
The jury’s still out on whether hot-desking actually boosts productivity, but, according to leading entrepreneurs, its cost-saving positives far outweigh any possible negatives.
This shift in the way we use workspace affects more than just the humble desk. Just as we’re becoming more mobile, so too are our office resources. Including, you guessed it, the office whiteboard.
Mobile whiteboards facilitate hot-desking by being available anywhere in the workplace. So, if Steve from design needs the whiteboard at the front desk one day and Sheryl needs it in the meeting room on another, a mobile whiteboard will roll (quite literally) with the requirements of its users.

Ideal for use in temporary premises

Pop-up offices, construction site admin buildings, consulting businesses that take over a client boardroom for a couple of weeks – all these have one thing in common: their places of work aren’t permanent fixtures. And, when your office isn’t fixed, your workplace resources shouldn’t be either. The faster you can set up and pack down, the faster you can move from one job to the next.

Mobile glass whiteboards are ideal for use in temporary premises. They can be shifted from area to area and site to site incredibly easily. All that while still keeping your environment looking professional and established.

Take your whiteboard to a trade show

Trade shows are the lead-generating bread and butter of a lot of industries. With so much competition elbow to elbow, you want to ensure you’re presenting as professional a front as you possibly can.
The use of a mobile glass whiteboard proves to your potential customers that you don’t skimp on quality. Essentially, these boards are the aesthetic high road: so why not travel it?

Adding versatility to your workspace

You wouldn’t brainstorm in the office stationery cupboard just as you wouldn’t put the social noticeboard in the meeting room. Well, with a mobile whiteboard, you can have the best of both worlds.
●Need a notice board at the front-of-office today? Shift the board.
●Looking to brainstorm the next big project in an informal setting? Wheel the board on over to the reception couches.
●Need to convert the shop floor into a group training room for the day? A couple of whiteboards make any space into a pop-up classroom.
The versatility of a mobile glass whiteboard is only limited by your requirements.

Toughness in transit

When your whiteboard is on the move, the chances of it taking accidental damage - bangs, scrapes and whacks - goes way up. Entry-level melamine whiteboards, in particular, seem to develop transit damage out of nowhere.
Glass whiteboards are the strongest on the market so they make ideal mobile boards. Even if they take a few knocks when loaded into the back of a truck, they tend not to show it. They’ll look as good as new and still be a pleasure to use when you set them back up.

Ease of cleaning

Mobile whiteboards get a lot of use. Particularly if one board is shared throughout an office, the task of cleaning it after each use can become a chore. Not so with glass whiteboards. They’re incredibly easy to clean, saving you and your employees time and effort in the long run.

Invest in a mobile glass whiteboard today

Mobile glass whiteboards are as useful as they are versatile. They can step up your trade-show game, let you configure your office spaces for different applications, facilitate hot-desking and more.
What’s more, the use of quality tempered glass also ensures your board will weather any bumps, scrapes and wear without issue. Add in the ease of use and cleaning and you have a five-star office resource on your hands.

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