Mobile Whiteboards

Mobile Whiteboards

A mobile whiteboard can often be the best tool for the job. Read on for scenarios where this rings true.

 Mobile whiteboard - the height of versatility

The day-to-day running of a business means you and your team must find effective ways to communicate: explaining a problem, brainstorming solutions, collaborating on projects and more. When such a situation occurs, a whiteboard is a great way to get everyone singing from the same song sheet.

Yet, with so many whiteboard options available, what’s the best investment to make? Do you opt for a fixed whiteboard or should you choose a mobile whiteboard?

The truth is there are many situations when a mobile whiteboard is the better choice. Here are just a few.

Small businesses

Say you’ve just quit the 9-to-5 life to start your own business. While you might be expecting to turn over $100,000 in the first year, your set-up costs have put a dent in your purchasing budget.

Right there is a great reason to only buy one of something if you can get away with it. And a mobile whiteboard with lockable castor wheels can easily do double duty as a fixed whiteboard.

A mobile whiteboard from the Chilli brand is an excellent choice if funds are limited. Or, if pursestrings are not quite so tight, a commercial or porcelain mobile whiteboard will last longer and be easier to use (but will also come at a higher price).

Say you’re also renting a small office space until your business finds its feet. Having wall-mounted whiteboards in every room would be impractical because of space restrictions. A mobile board, on the other hand, can be stored in a safe place away from trafficked areas. You then simply wheel it out when it’s needed.

All WhiteboardsOnline mobile whiteboards are magnetic and double-sided, so you can write notes on one side and attach important notices to the other. This will go a long way to uncluttering your desk while keeping important paperwork easily accessible.

Sporting clubs

Imagine you’ve just been named the coach of the local under-16s. The first thing you do is take a look around the clubhouse to scope out the facilities.

The club has asked you to compile a short list of resources you might need, but you’re mindful that the club is on a tight budget. First thing’s first: new uniforms, new equipment and … a new whiteboard.

The clubhouse is small - barely enough room for the team - so putting up a wall- mounted whiteboard is out of the question. Still, you’ll need something on which to sketch out new game plans with the players.

Skip forward to half time in the grand final. The team is coming in off the field ready for your game plan. In the first half, their game’s just been off. How do you quickly explain the winning tactics you’ve been planning?

Boy, are you happy you got the club to fork out for a mobile whiteboard. The 8-year warranty and free delivery went a long way to securing your purchase request.

Now you can show the team what they have to do to win the game in the second half and bring home the trophy!


Imagine you’re a regular customer at one of the more trendy, upscale restaurants in town – and it’s facing a big problem. A new chef has come on board and the cooking staff are clashing with him.

You know this because there’s been a lot of raised voices coming from the kitchen of late. You can see morale is sinking and, as a result, the food quality is tanking.

A week goes by before you decide to give the place one last try. The difference is like night and day. You must know the story of the turnaround and, luckily, the maître d' is a chatty guy.

He explains that the new chef was from one of the leading restaurants in New York. They were all excited, he says, to have him working for them. Things quickly went downhill, though. The chef was prone to changing his menu items on a daily basis and his cooking instructions were complicated. Things just weren’t working.

Enter our plucky maître d'. He suggested to management that they invest in a mobile whiteboard so the chef could write out his instructions. It would bring everyone onto the same page. Given the restaurant’s reputation for excellence, they settled for nothing but the best – a porcelain board offering ease of use and a lifetime warranty to boot.

Why mobile? So the kitchen staff could move it around the kitchen as needed. Since purchasing the board, tensions in the kitchen have calmed and the food quality has never been better.

Why choose a WhiteboardsOnline whiteboard?

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