Cabinets and Cases

If you are wanting to securely display important information, we have a wide variety of Cabinets and Cases available in Hinged or Sliding Door systems. 

Not sure which Cabinet or Case would suit you? Let us help you make the right decision:

Confidential Cabinet are a foldaway board system with an internal magnetic Commercial Whiteboard surface. Your choice of Laminate, Velour or Commercial Whiteboard Doors in Custom or Standard Sizes. Confidential Cabinets are ideal for hiding certain information or if you have minimal wall space.

TX Weather Resistant Notice Cases are the ideal information display case for outdoor areas. They are manufactured with a unique water resistant design with no visible hinges and feature a Cork pinnable background. Although these cases are Weather Resistant, we do recommend housing them under suitable awnings or covers.

BeNoticed Hinged Door Display Cases cannot be customised and cannot be housed externally. Available in a 2 or 3 door system with a Black or Silver Frame and Grey Pinnable Fabric. These cases feature Polycarbonate Doors.

Neo Hinged Door Cases feature a Magnetic Whiteboard surface with our modern design and contoured shape hinged door. Available in two standard sizes of 600 x 450 and 900 x 600.

BeNotice Sliding Door Notice Cases are suitable for indoor use and are supplied with 3mm Safety Glass. They feature Cork or Grey Pinnable Fabric Backing in a range of standard (non customisable) sizes.

Sliding Glass Door Display Cases are an Australian Made case featuring clear safety glass 6.3mm sliding doors. They are supplied with a silver aluminium frame and a choice of Cork, Velour or Krommenie Pinboards as backing. 


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