Frequently Asked Questions

Can i get a Custom made Board? web site lists our most popular standard sizes.

Custom boards can be made through subsidiary

For more information  email or

Alternatively you can call us on  FREECALL 1800 654 911 or 1800 654 917.

Why do we use Split Batten Fixings?

All our LX Edge Framed Boards and Felt Groove Letter Boards are supplied with a split batten fixing. Split Batten Fixings completely hide all fixtures from the board face, providing a totally clean look. Installation is easy and offers the major advantage of being able to readily remove your boards without causing any wall damage.

How much is Shipping?

We provide subsidised shipping Australia wide. These prices are competitive and are based on Ground Floor Delivery only.

For large quantities, or vulnerable orders, palletised shipping is recommended

How do I pay for my Order?

We accept payment via Credit Card (Mastercard or Visa), Direct Deposit or Cheque. All custom Board orders must be prepaid prior to Manufacture or Dispatch.

We will provide a Tax Invoice via email on all orders

Payment is required within 7 days for Private Buyers or Businesses and 30 days for Government Agencies & Schools.

Please note: AMEX is not accepted

How do I know you received my order?

Once you have processed your order, we will send you an Order Confirmation via Email. If you do not receive this within 24 hours, please contact us on our FREECALL 1800 654 911.

If your order is not in stock, we will send you an email with an Expected Manufacture Completion Date.

How long does it take for Delivery?

If the product you have ordered is in stock, it is normally dispatched within 2-3 Working Days.

Depending on your location it can take up to 10 working days for delivery.

It is your responsibility to ensure all Details for Delivery have been advised and are correct. This includes Delivery Address, Key Contact Person for Delivery and any Special Requirements and/or preferred Hours for Delivery. If the address is invalid or there is no one on site to accept delivery, a Re-Delivery Fee will be Charged at your expense.

Is it easy to Install the boards myself?

Yes, your average handyman should be able to install the boards quite easily.

We do recommend a 2-person install on large boards due to OH&S.

Tips for Installation:

  • Check the area for Installation is clear of wires and pipes prior to drilling
  • Porcelain and Commercial surface Boards are built on Magnetic Steel Sheets and will require secure wall fixings
  • Standard Frame Boards are installed via Screw Holes in each corner
  • L Frame Whiteboards are supplied with a Split Batten fixtings
  • Wall Mates (can be purchased from your local Hardware) are a great tool to help secure the boards to plasterboard walls.

Did you know that we can provide an Installation service in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne? Installation costs are quoted upon ordering. Please email or phone.

What happens if my Board is damaged upon Delivery?

If there are any problems with your order including missing items, damaged equipment and/or you are not completely satisfied with your items; please contact us immediately to ensure you allow us enough time to resolve the issues for you.

Upon Delivery, your goods must be inspected to ensure no transit damage has occurred. We need to be notified within 48 hours after Delivery to ensure a claim can be made.

Do you supply a Discount if i order a large quantity of Boards?

In most cases you will notice savings in shipping costs in the cart Please discuss large order possibilities with our team.

Whats the best way to find Prices and Availability?

Prices can be easily found on our Website by clicking on the particular product and size. Availability will be advised by contacting our team direct

on our FREECALL number 1800 654 911 or via Email