Glassboards Sunshine Coast

We offer Subsidised Delivery to the Sunshine Coast and throughout Queensland on our wide range of Magnetic or Designer Colour Glassboards.

Glassboards are a more modern alternative to traditional whiteboards. They feature a non-porous surface with polished edges and rounded corners that float approximately 20mm from the wall. Not only do they offer a contemporary style that blends with any decor, our Glassboards are one of the most durable writing surfaces on the market as it will never stain or ghost. This is highlighted by the translucency and elegance of the premium standard or starphire glass that boasts a lifetime (25 year) surface warranty. Due to the thickness of the glass, super strong rare earth magnets are required for use on all our Glassboards.

Magnetic Glassboards are available in nine standard sizes in WHITE or 2 standard sizes in BLACK 4mm starphire glass which has no green tinge. Our magnetic glass are standard stock and cannot be customised in any way. Each board is supplied with a perspex pen tray and super strong magnets.

Where custom colours or sizes are preferred, we can offer our Designer Colour Glassboards which can be supplied in our 6mm standard or starphire glass. Any Dulux colour can be chosen from their website in standard or custom sizes from 900 x 600 to 240 x 1200.

Chrome or White Fixtures are supplied with each board. Glass Boards sized 1500 x 900 and smaller have 4 fixtures, 1800 x 1200 have 6 fixtures and 2100 x 1200 or larger in size have 8 fixtures. 

Standard Dry Erase Markers can be used on Glassboards and/or Fluro Markers or Liquid Chalk are great for Black Glassboards. Suitable for Meeting/ Board Rooms, Restaurants, Clubs and as splash backs for Homes