Letter Boards Brisbane

A modern yet retro take on an information display or menu, our Felt Groove Letter Boards are an interchangeable system that lets you be in control. You can easily change whatever text is on the board and as often as you want. Our executive Felt Groove Letter Boards feature grooved backing with felt overlay and 6.35mm (1/4)" spacing that allow our plastic Letter and Number Sets to sit into place. 

All Felt Groove Letter Boards are made to order with a lead time of approximately 15-20 Working Days plus Delivery.

  • Black or Coloured Felt available
  • Boards can be manufactured Unframed or with an Aluminium Frame
  • Max size: 2400 x 1200
  • Board depth approx 16mm

Letter and Number Sets are not included with the board order. 

These Letter and Numbers feature individual tabs on the back that fit into the grooves of the Felt Groove Letter Boards with 1/4" spacing. Letter and Number Sets are two seperate packs and the packs consist of either all Numbers OR upper case Letters + punctuation marks

  • Available in Gold, Silver or White. Black (on request only)
  • 3 Standard sizes: 15mm, 19mm or 28mm in Sets