Everything About Glass Whiteboards

Everything About Glass Whiteboards

Glass Whiteboards are a relatively new product within the Whiteboard market. They have different qualities and have been a in comparison to the conventional Whiteboards.

Designed to blend seamlessly with any decor, our Glassboards are the ultimate choice if you are after a contemporary yet durable writing surface. But what makes them so good? We have listed everything you need to know about Glass Whiteboards including what they are, how they differ and what you should consider before making a purchase. Our goal is for you to walk away being completely satisfied with the true value of this product.

What is a glass whiteboard?

There are a wide range of Whiteboards on the market ranging from Melamine, Acrylic to Porcelain and Glass. At the lower end of the scale, you will find boards that will ghost, stain and scratch quite quickly after multiple uses. But at the other end, you will come across premium, non-porous glass whiteboards which take the cake in the market for what Porsche's are on the road. Think high performance, aesthetically superior and timeless designs, our Glass Whiteboards are made with toughened safety glass that float 20mm from the wall. They are easy to maintain and will not stain or ghost which is highlighted by the translucency and elegance of the premium glass and the lifetime surface warranty that comes with each board. Put it simply, Glassboards are one of the most versatile interior design pieces on the market. You will notice like the images shown, Glassboards are not only available in brilliant white but in Black or any other Dulux Colour.

What are your other whiteboard options?

Do you need clarification about what else is on the market to compare the pros of choosing our designer Glass whiteboards? We previously mentioned Melamine, Acrylic and Porcelain surface Whiteboards. Lets us briefly explain these options for you.


Melamine Whiteboards are made of resin-infused paper affixed to a substrate. The substrate is typically particle board or medium-density fibreboard (MDF). Quality of these boards can vary substantially. They are the cheapest Whiteboards on the market and for good reason: they are not durable, non-magnetic and are susceptible to scratching and ghosting. They are OK for occasional use or if you are on a tight budget however have a very short life span.


Acrylic surface, also known as our Commercial Whiteboards are backed by a steel sheet allowing it to become magnetic. They are a hard wearing whiteboard recommended for occasional usage however they are still susceptible to scratching and ghosting.


The most premium of the traditional Whiteboards, our Porcelain Whiteboards feature a baked enamel surface and have a steel backing allowing them to be magnetic. Baked Enamel (ceramic) is one of the most durable materials and is highly resistant to the scratches and ghosting that you get on the cheap Whiteboards. Commonly used and recommended in heavy-use industrial and school classroom settings, the durability and quality of Porcelain Whiteboards are highlighted by their 25 year surface warranty.

Common whiteboard issues that don’t affect glass

Traditional Whiteboards, particularly those that cop a considerable amount of heavy use, can develop a number of issues over time. These include:

  1. Ghosting
  2. Scratching
  3. Wear

Lets look at each in more detail;

The technical term ‘ghosting’ may not be known by some however we have all been there. Ghosting is what happens when whiteboard marker stains the surface of the Whiteboard. Commonly caused by improper cleaning, cheaper Melamine surfaces are prone to this issue and over time, even the best-kept conventional Commercial or Porcelain Whiteboards can ghost. Although you may have cleaned the board diligently, at best you will still see faint marks from previous notes across the board. In saying this, Glass Whiteboards have a non-porous surface meaning the liquid from the marker cannot sink in and stain, therefore they will never ghost.


Scratches or dents are common in any well trafficked area and Whiteboards are no exception. As mentioned previously, Porcelain Whiteboards are the most durable out of the three conventional Whiteboards and are the most resistant to scratches or dents however anything harder than glass will still mark it. One of the most common types of damage we see is when someone tries to scratch adhesive from the surface using a sharp tool. Glass Whiteboards however, have a tempered glass surface meaning they are considerably tougher and less likely to scratch in comparison to conventional Whiteboards. Like your glass windows, you would have to use considerable force to scratch a glass Whiteboard.


Whiteboards are commonly used in educational, industrial and office settings and over time, occasional and heavy duty use on these boards will take its toll on the surface. As you continue to write and erase on the Whiteboard surface, the layers (especially on Melamine Whiteboards) degrades incrementally. Glass Whiteboards simply do not have this problem. Our glass Whiteboards are made with high-density 4mm toughened safety glass and will retain even the heaviest of usage, time after time.

Things to consider when buying a glass whiteboard

As with any major purchase, there are factors you must consider before investing in a glass whiteboard. These include:

  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • How much will you use it?
  • Do you want it to be magnetic?
  • Do you want it to be coloured?


Evidently, top of the range doesn’t come cheap. Glass Whiteboards are the most costly Whiteboard option in comparison to the conventional Whiteboards, however with that price tag comes a more contemporary and quality Whiteboard with a lot of staying power. Glass Whiteboards will last you a lifetime which is proven with our 25 year surface warranty. Investing in a glass Whiteboard is well worth the money if you need a heavy duty Whiteboard.


Frequency of use can be one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a Whiteboard. In saying this, minimal to moderate users may not feel the need to fork out extra money on Glass Whiteboards that won’t be used on a regular basis. Even without writing on the glass Whiteboard surface everyday, it is a more contemporary looking board and less of an eyesore in comparison to the conventional whiteboards. If the rate you will be using the board will change or you’re not sure how often you will be using it, why not purchase a board that you know whenever you need to use it, it will still be as good as new. This is why glass Whiteboards are an incredibly sound investment. Not only will they keep there as new appearance, but it will continue to be a board that is easy to maintain.


As mentioned previously, all our Commercial, Porcelain and Glass Whiteboards have a steel backing allowing them to be magnetic. Cheaper Melamine Boards are not. Magnetic Whiteboards permit multiple uses, not just a writing board. Whilst standard fridge magnets can be used on Commercial or Porcelain Whiteboards, super strong, rare earth magnets need to be used on the Glass Whiteboards.  


Whiteboards are simply that, white coloured boards. Where presentation or looks are paramount, we offer endless colour choices for glassboards, not just white. Whether you have specific colours in your home or office or whether you just want to add a pop of colour to bring life into your space, we can manufacture your glassboard in any dulux colour. Our designer colour glassboards still have the same great features as our standard glass whiteboards, however the glass is 6mm instead of 4mm thick and they are all made to order.

Let’s talk aesthetics

One of the highlights of glass Whiteboards are their superior aesthetics.Combined with polished edges and rounded corners, the border-less design helps create clean lines and an ultra modern appearance. Whether you opt for our standard 4mm standard stock Glassboards or our 6mm designer colour glassboards, when installed, each ‘float’ approximately 20mm from the wall on secure stand off fittings.

Workplace satisfaction is ideal for employee triumph and office morale. It is said that we work and learn better in classrooms or offices that are aesthetically stimulating. Aesthetics play a huge role in how we interact so why not play to your strengths with our beautifully designed glass whiteboards. Right or wrong, first impressions certainly do last. Don’t bore them with a ghosting whiteboard, keep them interested and do everything you can to ensure that the first impressions are positive.

Choosing a Glass Whiteboard just makes sense. We are always on hand to help you find the best solutions for your particular needs. Great service, competitive prices and Australia-wide delivery to your door. Call us today 1800 654 911 or sent us an email to

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