Choosing the right Whiteboard Surface

Choosing the right Whiteboard Surface

Glass whiteboards to whiteboard paint: how do you choose the right whiteboard surface for your needs? Read on to find out.

Glass whiteboard or traditional? What is right for your needs?

There are quite a few types of whiteboard surfaces on the market. Everyone likes a bargain, but choosing your whiteboard on cost alone can be a big mistake. This article is going to look at why.

Now sure, if you’re only using your board once or twice, then going for the cheapest option can make sense. But if you want years of trouble-free writing, then going cheap upfront is going to cost you a lot in terms of cleaning and maintenance in the long-term.

A higher quality board will be easier to use and easier to clean - ensuring your whiteboard is cost-effective for many years to come. With this in mind, before you go whiteboard shopping, you must look at a couple of factors:

  1. How frequently will you use the surface?
  2. What purpose will the surface fill?

All up, there are a few main types of whiteboard surface, plus our new and contemporary glassboards. Let’s look at them all in more detail.

The cheapest of all whiteboard surfaces

At the low end of the whiteboard market, there are three kinds of cheap whiteboard surface. They offer little difference in quality, so we’re listing them together:

  1. Whiteboard paint
  2. Stick-on whiteboards
  3. Melamine boards.

All three of these whiteboard surfaces are porous, which means whiteboard ink can “sink in”. The result of this staining is an effect called “ghosting”. What happens is that a remnant of the writing remains no matter how much you wipe. Melamine, in particular, is prone to wearing down and ghosting.

There are just too many drawbacks with these kinds of boards: as such, WhiteboardsOnline just doesn’t stock them. They simply don’t meet the right standard.

The best whiteboards for small offices and home use

Commercial whiteboards, also known as acrylic whiteboards, are ideal for general use. Their high-quality, hard-wearing surface has been applied to a magnetic steel backing.

With regular care, a commercial-grade whiteboard is a great choice for moderate usage in the home or workplace. Our commercial whiteboards come with a warrantied surface life of 8 years, making them a great balance of performance, durability and price.

The very best in whiteboards

For the ne plus ultra of whiteboards, you cannot look past porcelain. Featuring a high-quality enamel writing surface baked onto a steel backing, porcelain whiteboards are resistant to surface damage, stains and scratches.

This superior surface is great for heavy-duty users: less cleaning is required and markers are significantly less likely to ghost.

Porcelain whiteboards are recommended for use in schools and higher education facilities, conference centres, medical facilities, and anywhere they will be needed all day and every day.

Whiteboards and glassboards

At WhiteboardsOnline, we’re proud to offer a new alternative to the traditional whiteboard. Called glassboards, they’re made from - yes -  tempered glass. It’s a material that offers superior durability, aesthetics and writing smoothness.

Our lifetime surface warranty guarantees the non-porous glass surface will never stain or ghost. As with porcelain whiteboards, heavy-duty users will benefit over time from the superior performance of glassboards.

As awesome as these boards are to use, they’re even better to look at. Glassboards feature a beautifully sleek and professional look with 4mm toughened safety glass, polished edges and rounded corners. They ‘float’ approximately 20mm from the wall on supplied stand-off fittings.

The magnetic range, made with tempered glass laminated to a strong steel sheet, comes standard in white (9 sizes) or black (2 sizes). The non-magnetic designer range (made from 6mm tempered glass) can be manufactured in any Dulux colour.

The right whiteboards for you and your needs

Each type of writing surface has its advantages. Look closely at the table below to choose the right writing surface for your needs.

Whiteboard Comparison




Requires cleaning beyond wipe-down


Paint, stick-on or melamine



Every day




Yes (some)


8 years





25 years





25 years


If you’d like to find out even more, WhiteboardsOnline is able to provide additional information and advice at all times. No obligation: just a willingness to help you out.

Why choose a WhiteboardsOnline whiteboard?

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