Notice Boards

We have a huge variety of materials to suit any budget or lifestyle. 

Not sure which surface would suit you? Let us help you make the right decision:

Cork Pinboards feature natural tones of cork over bioboard with a standard aluminium frame. This is the most economical option and are ideal for customers on a budget. 

Felt Pinboards feature quality wool felt over bioboard with a standard aluminium frame. With your choice of any Felt colour, these boards are the cheapest option for customers who want a coloured pinboard.

Velour Pinboards feature a high quality smooth velour finish. Velour is a velcro compatible surface so has multiple uses. These boards are low maintenance and 100% recyclable. Velour pinboards are our most popular selling pinboard and is available in Wrapped (unframed) or Framed versions.

Suzette & Trilogy Pinboards are our commercial grade materials that feature a sleek texture and pattern on each of the fabrics. A huge range of Colours which are available in Standard Sizes; Wrapped (unframed) or Framed versions. If you are after a modern look, we recommend these pinboards.

Krommenie Pinboards are our most durable and head-wearing Pinboard. They are mould and mildew resistant and feature self-healing pin holes. Krommenie is produced from renewable raw materials to ensure flexibility and long working life. They feature a 25 year surface warranty so if you want a board that will last, this is the board for you.


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