Pinboards Gold Coast

No matter what size or colour you are after, we offer subsidised delivery to the Gold Coast and throughout on our wide range of Pinboards.

Whether you need a board in a hurry or if you want a specific size and colour to suit your decor then look no further. We keep stocks of our Cork and Royal Blue or Grey Felt Pinboards with a Standard Frame in our Brisbane Warehouse for immediate dispatch direct to the Gold Coast. Custom sizes and surfaces are available ranging from other fabrics including Velour, Suzette, Trilogy and Krommenie.

Cork Board - 100% Natural Cork over Bioboard *Budget Friendly*

Felt Board - Quality Wool Felt over Bioboard. Heaps over Colour choices *Budget Friendly*

Velour Pinboard - Durable smooth Velour Fabric. Low Maintenance, accepts Velcro and is 100% recyclable. *Most Popular*

Suzette & Trilogy Pinboards - Commercial grade upholstery available in a huge range of Colours. Textured fabric that is visually appealing and very modern. *Aesthetically Pleasing*

Krommenie Pinboard  - Most hard-wearing and durable Pinboard. Features self-healing pinholes and comes with a 25 year surface warranty. *Long-lasting*