Pinboards Ipswich

Our Pinboards allow for your important information and notices to be easily viewed. We can help you create a dramatic or simple aesthetically pleasing communication wall with our wide range of fabrics and framing options available. 

Materials such as Cork, Felt, Velour, Suzette, Trilogy and Krommenie Pinboards are available in standard or custom sizes with your choice of three framing options.

Frame options include Wrapped (unframed), Standard Frame as well as an LX Edge Frame which is a slimline Frame. Due to the endless possibilities available, most Pinboards are made to order with a Lead Time of approximately 15 Working Days plus Delivery. Where an urgent board is required, we do however keep the Cork Boards and Royal Blue or Grey Felt Pinboards in stock with a Standard Frame.


Cork Board - 100% Natural Cork over Bioboard *Budget Friendly*

Felt Board - Quality Wool Felt over Bioboard. Heaps over Colour choices *Budget Friendly*

Velour Pinboard - Durable smooth Velour Fabric. Low Maintenance, accepts Velcro and is 100% recyclable. *Most Popular*

Suzette & Trilogy Pinboards - Commercial grade upholstery available in a huge range of Colours. Textured fabric that is visually appealing and very modern. *Aesthetically Pleasing*

Krommenie Pinboard  - Most hard-wearing and durable Pinboard. Features self-healing pinholes and comes with a 25 year surface warranty. *Long-lasting*

Cork & Felt Pinboards Canberra
Velour Pinboards Canberra
Suzette, Trilogy or Honeycomb Pinboards Canberra
Krommenie Pinboards Canberra
Frame options can be seen below;
1. Wrapped Frame  2. Standard Frame  3. LX Edge Frame
Wrapped Pinboards CanberraStandard Frame Pinboard CanberraLX Edge Frame Pinboards Canberra