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Here at WhiteboardsOnline, we offer an extensive range of writing surfaces for various applications from small offices to large corporate and educational facilities. Choosing the correct Whiteboard surface is important and we are here to ensure you choose the best one to fulfill your expectations.

Commercial Whiteboards are an acrylic surface whiteboard ideal for moderate or general use applications. They have an 8 year surface warranty on the surface under normal use and conditions and are the recommended board if you are only requiring to use the board occasionally.

Porcelain also known as Vitreous Enamel Whiteboards are an extremely durable and scratch resistant surface suitable for heavy duty writing uses. They are ideal if the board needs to be used everyday and are the recommended board for use in Schools and large businesses. Where majority of use is with a projector, we can also supply matte Porcelain Projection Whiteboards which have 60% less glare reflection than standard gloss surface Whiteboards. Projection Whiteboards are recommended for 80% projection and 20% writing.

We keep stocks of both our Commercial and Porcelain Whiteboards with a Standard Aluminium Frame in our warehouse in Brisbane and all other capital cities across Australia. Stock standard sizes start from 600 x 450 up to 3600 x 1200. Projection Whiteboards are made to order.

If a slimline or a more modern type of Frame is required, we can supply our Commercial and Porcelain Whiteboards with an LX Edge Frame. LX Edge Frames only have a 2-4mm lip that covers the cut edge of the Whiteboard. This Frame is ideal where a 'whiteboard wall' is required. LX Edge Frames can be powdercoated Black or White at an additional cost.

Whiteboards Brisbane Top Quality Made in Australia
Commercial Acrylic Whiteboards Brisbane Made in Australia

Not sure if you want a Standard Framed or LX Edge or Esta Trim Board? Check out the image below which shows the major difference between the two. LX Edge or Esta Trims are a slimline frame that are Made to Order and are ideal if you are butt-joining two or more boards together. 

Frame Comparison: LX Edge Powder Coated VS Standard Frame

Whiteboards Brisbane LX8000 FrameStandard Frame Whiteboards Brisbane Made in Australia